Often times, it's for the best.

Frog you!!! via Instagram.

So…first things first:  Instagram.  I like it, and >90% of my photos from now on will likely come from it.  I mention this not so much to advertise, but to give the heads up that I’ll be posting crazy-looking filters and borders to experiment with the styles and how they play one Facebook and my blog.  So far, I’m not liking this border–I have to figure out how to change the color–or does it randomly assign a color…?  And my favorite filter so far is Valencia.  theedublogger.com as a great, comprehensive, and easy to read post about how to use Instagram.  Trust me, if I found it interesting enough not to tl:dr  it, it’s a good interweb read.

And to the heart of the matter:  The Little “F” Words that Made Up My Day.  Those words, mostly in order, were “Frick, Frog, Fun, Fuck, Food.”  All but two, you may notice, are four letter words, but “frick” has five, and “fun” has three, so they even it out.  So there are five “F” words with an average of four letters.

  • Frick:  My day began with problems.  Trivial inconveniences, nothing life-altering.  My not-entirely secret crush is recovering from some sort of illness, so we didn’t get to spend anytime together today.  That bummed me out, but I also meant I could cover more ground in the crafting world solo before I leave for my trip.  Which was my second issue:  my knit swatch’s last hoop messed up last night and I tried everything I could to fix it. Thanks to the miracles of the modern world (if you know anything about me, the most ironic statement I likely ever use), my remedies included taking a picture and crying online.  I now had time to go to The Grove to grovel for help from the owners.
  • Frog:  My fibre Sensei, ever present, admitted she, too, was planning a trip to The Grove, and we would just meet up.  After we evaluated my progress, we decided the best thing to do was frog the whole thing–I hadn’t gotten very far, anyway.  Frogging, for the uninformed, is the self-destruct technique practiced by unhappy fibreworkers–when your project isn’t going well, you ribbit (rip it).  Since I was knitting only a single continuous yarn, this was quite easy.
  • Fun:  That was a generally good idea all around. We thought I added a stitch to the original knit, but I had in fact added several more–it looked highly skewed to me, and Sensei realized it was, too (we forgot how many I started with until she taught me the value of counting knit stitches).  The yarn tension was off–normal for beginners like me–and there were weird gaps.  I do like knitting, and am sold alone on it’s value in my fashion future, but I think I was spoiled immediately on crochet.  I thought I’d do the one I thought I’d use the least first, but I’m drawn to crochet projects slightly more on Ravelry than I thought (1-2 total projects more than the knit ones I like).  Still relatively equal terms, but the crochet ones seem easier.  I treated Sensei to some ice cream and went on my way.
  • Fuck:  Before I left the area, I HAD to get some chunky alpaca yarn (link pending).  This is one of the most enjoyable fuzzy things I’ve ever run my fingers across–so soft, so soft.  I wanted some mohair–you know, cuz my new obsession with it inspired a goat-collecting frenzy–but all the mohair products I found had very fine (thin) yarns, and I don’t want to do something so delicate yet.  I reluctantly decided to go do some research at some chain craft stores (though my primary loyalty is always local first, never forget), and called a homie who I knew would want to get out of the house. When I got to her place, I realized I was missing one of my knitting needles.  She didn’t live far from the Grove, and so returning found it laying in the street, already dented and scuffed by traffic.  F-u-u-u-ck–but that’s too many letters to balance our other words, so a single vowel will have to do.  My homie and I ran around to several stores and found things we needed to rekindle her love of crochet and some last minute supplies for me (new knitting needles becoming an added priority).
  • Food:  Today’s food included:  Wasabi’d dried cherries (my own invention), homemade ice cream (my flavors were macadamia nut toffee and Mexican chocolate), and chicken tacos.  Where as there might have been a story to accompany this “F” word, it is lost at 2:10am PDT, and parts of it may have been absorbed by the story above.

I suppose, this story is all wrapped up for tonight.  Next, I’ll relay and expand upon my Theory of Creativity I was discussing with a new friend.

P.S.:  In the picture, the yarn I’m using is Lily Sugar’n Cream, colorway 18003 Cream.  Reasonably accurate, considering it’s a filtered photo on a computer screen.