This is gonna take some time….I have to first figure out the ins and outs of what I can do with WordPress, and then finalize concepts, both visual and contextual.  So far, I’m quite content with just essaying about whatever is on my mind.  That might not always be suitable for all audiences, but ultimately, my goal is to unify all my disparate personas, drives, urges, hates, loves, facets into one me.  I don’t really expect too many people will read this anyway; I’m doing more for me, but yes, for anyone who really wants to know what I think.  A very small group, indeed, because no one at all knows they don’t really know me.  Also, I would like to see if I am capable of stark honesty.

Okay.  That would never work.

But on the real, I WILL be honest to a fault about everything I CAN be honest about.  I’m also not too interested in textbook grammar, syntax, and I use my idiolect (non-standard language unique to a person) with impunity.  So, consider this a filler page; most of the information here will remain, but I’ll revise when I have more concrete concepts.

Topics I’d like to share:

  • Food (Restaurants, Cooking, Shopping, Ethnic Foods)
  • Video Games (League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy Tactics specifically, Patapon, Little Big Planet)
  • Fashion (The Good, the Bad, the Amusing; Designs and Plans, “What I’m wearing versus what I’d like to wear”)
  • Metaphysics (Astrology, Tarot)
  • Relationships (Single and…Loving it?  Hating it? Also, “Why I like liking men but dislike interacting with gay men”)
  • Music (Playing and Enjoying)
  • Being Broke (“What I’m eating versus what I’d like to eat”)
  • My Friends
  • Role-Playing Games (Exalted, “Why I play D&D even though I never really liked it–See Above Topic;” Character Profiles and Short Stories)
  • More Creative Writing
  • Water (You’ll see.)
  • Manga & Anime and/versus American Comics (Or “Why I dislike Japanese rote ‘Cool’)
  • Authors (Jan Fancher, CJ Cherryh, Neil Gaiman)
  • And much, much more!

Also, Futurama.