Well~ Succinctly put: Dom left his iLappy ’05 electric cord at home. Dom’s blogging objective now requires him to more fully explore the capabilities of the iPhone’s WordPress app. But not right now (too much, anyway).

Details of my trip (the whole two days of it so far) will be few and far between. Though my trip isn’t classified, I do not talk about military goings on via the internet. If you know me, I *may* share things with you if it’s not operational and even remotely interesting. As far as the off duty stuff, yeah, I’ll want to show you updates on crafting and musings and stuff.

Like: this place has a Baskin Robbins/Dunkin Donut combo business sharing a building with a Papa John’s, next to a gas station with a Dairy Queen inside. Walking distance from my hotel. It’s a good thing I have knitting to hold my interest, or I might get bored enough to make a visit…

More later~