Dreams don’t follow any logic, as you must know.  My dreams are really weird, and lately I’ve been waking in screams.  I’m going to blog whatever parts of any dream I can, and here is the first.Okay, so I was with my mother in this old school-like building.  We were talking about my dad.  She starts talking about things that didn’t happen, and I call her on it (we have a very open communicative relationship), so she pulls out this Simpsons porno comic and starts referencing it (see what I mean?).  It wasn’t really a porno, but it was Simpsons, and the magazine had a very licentious tone to it.  I call her on it again, and pull out my version of the comic, also licentious, but not porn (I don’t know how this works, but I suppose it’s common in this world.  We call my little sister on the phone, who starts talking to us and walking away from the phone (and we argue with her about this; she says she’s talking to someone in the other room), and she references her comic.  Hers might have been porn, cuz my mom starts talking about the dangers of pornography.  The conversation is ended abruptly by me, as I can see it’s getting nowhere.

I leave the classroom area we were in and go to a large [ballroom/auditorium/bathroom].  I say it that way because I’m not quite sure what this use of this room is.  It had a nice, shiny floor and a high, elegant ceiling.  There were mirrors at the far end, the only area with lights, save for the starlight from the large, paned windows lining the room. For some reason, this is the only dream I’ve had with bathrooms that had neither toilets or shower multiplexes.  Very important.  Regardless, As I’m cleaning my face, I think that I should be wary in this large, dark room of vampires.  I look in the mirror, expecting to see someone appearing behind me (I believe you can see vampires in mirrors in my dream world), and I look behind me when there is nothing in the mirror.  I realize I need to go check the building for my friends.

I see my friend Vesper scream and run into a room chased by at least three vampires.  The vampires in my dream are tall, thin blond women with short, styled hair and long, strapless evening gowns with prints.  They were very loose and swishy.  Of course, they were pale and pretty, with too much black makeup around their eyes.  She screams for me to help them, but I can’t call out her name, or they will…whatever it is: steal her soul, take control of her, something.  I use her nickname, “Bosh,” which doesn’t count cuz it’s not her real name, or the nickname I really call her.  I cannot follow them in, so I run and find and old friend Brody, who says we can’t save her and we have to escape the vampire chasing us.  We split up and I curse myself for running upstairs (wide, maze-like stairwells feature in my dreams a lot, too) like a dummie in a bad horror movie.  I duck and dodge and think I lose the vampire, so I head outside.

I find Brody leading Vesper to a car at the door, but I notice she looks like she’s about to give birth any minute.  Neither of them seemed to be aware of this.  As she looks down and starts panicking, her body splits open and a vampire crawls out.  This one is darker skinned, with short dark hair, and an swishy, printed evening gown.  I suspect hers looks different cuz she’s Mexican, but who can say.  It is important to note that Brody’s car looks suspiciously like the one in that Supernatural show I continuously regret watching (another post; don’t dwell), because he muzzles the vampire’s face and ties her hands with convenient vampire-handling tools in his trunk.  On one other Supernatural-related topic, I also suspect that’s why Brody is in the dream, or the car, whichever. We drag the vampire into the car, and drive off, leaving Vesper’s body on the stairs of the school.  We didn’t know how to defeat the vampires, but I didn’t want to try staking this one.

We’ve been talking to the vampire for a while, about what I don’t know, and I don’t know where we were going.  Somehow, I realized there was something of Vesper still in the vampire, like her spirit was there.  I think it was when the vampire recognized a song she sang, or a reference to one, or something on the radio.  I got the idea that we should expose her to sunlight (seemed humane), but then I thought maybe she should return to Vesper’s body.  We get back, and her body is still lying on the stairs.  Dawn is approaching, and we push the vampire back into her body, which seamlessly closes up.  She revives and coughs up a bloody [bird/boulder].  This is a visual of the same word I can’t understand in a Bat for Lashes song, “Peace of Mind,” from the Two Suns album.  The thing must have been the vampire infection, but it dissolved in the sunlight (or maybe just out of the body).  We return into the building.

This part may have been a different dream entirely, but I remember being hungry, so we get into the chow line.  This part of the building has exposed pipes and electric cables, and crudely padded pipes, like on a Navy ship.  I suspect I was going towards the showers, because I had my toothpaste in my hands, and I was flailing or gesturing with it, and hit an East African girl on the back of the head.  It wasn’t a hard tap, but she said it hurt, so I gave her a Mounds chocolate bar from my backpack to apologize.  To me, an apology with food is always sincere, at least in the dream.  She forgave me and I realized that I wasn’t part of the crew anymore, so I couldn’t have food with them.  I was upset, because they were having what looked like thick, cake-like, pan-seared flour tortillas.  It seemed novel and I wanted to try them.

As we left the building (somehow it’s dusk-like again), I find some cream-centered caramels in my bag.  They’re salted, but that means someone just poured salt on top of them.  Very odd for salted caramels.  We’re walking across the street, and a Bat for Lashes song/remix starts playing.  I almost could remember the lyrics when I woke up and started typing this out, but the most important parts were that it had Natasha Khan singing a duet with an ethereal soprano, and it sampled in “Daniel,” and “Peace of Mind.”  I remember the phrase “mother for this childless world” featured prominently next to a new dream lyric “am I the only one with child…?”, which was repeated like the chorus.  The breathy soprano had some other original lyrics that seemed to allude to Vesper, but I dream erosion set in and I can’t remember.

On another note, I have to blog about my favorite chain-songs from Björk and Bat for Lashes.