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Dom’s Bosh-Vampire Dream

Dreams don’t follow any logic, as you must know.  My dreams are really weird, and lately I’ve been waking in screams.  I’m going to blog whatever parts of any dream I can, and here is the first. Continue reading


Dom likes food.  This is no secret.  But did you know:

  • Dom emotionally connects to people through food.
  • If you accept food offered from him, he feels you view him as safe and friendly.
  • If you ask him for food, he will readily give because you are reaching out to him, and he loves being needed.
  • If you offer him food, whether he accepts or not, you have made a friend.  He is extremely loyal to food buddies.
  • Dom would rather be treated to a meal than accept a gift.
  • Hates eating alone.
  • Hates eating in restaurants alone.  More often than not, he will not sit in a restaurant by himself, unless he doesn’t want to eat at home by himself.
  • Sometimes eats in his car outside of a restaurant if he feels awkward.
  • Dom thinks arriving a destination with a boba drink makes him cool.
  • He feels arriving late with a boba drink makes him appear more casual, even though he hates always being late.
  • He never stops for boba when he is late, even though being later with his casual boba drink is no different from being slightly late and frantic appearing.
  • Dom worries about getting fat.
  • He works out so he can eat more.
  • Dom always chews his food extremely well.
  • Dom hates eating all his food if he’s getting full, but hates wasting food more.  These two impulses are locked in constant battle if it is not practical to save food for later.
  • Dom prefers drinking his nutrients vice eating them.
  • He prefers real fruit smoothies to solid food.
  • Dom hates eating food when it is hot outside.
  • Dom is an unashamed omnivore.
  • Most of his teeth are pointy and sharp, naturally adapted to consume meat, but he believes in a well-balanced diet.
  • Dom prefers to eat meats with fruit.  Avocado and pineapple are particular favorites, but not in the same dish.
  • Dom dislikes chicken, but will eat it if no other meats, mushrooms or tofu are available.
  • Cooked mushrooms are an acceptable meat substitute, but raw mushrooms are not.
  • Dom’s preferences are:  Lamb > Fish > Beef > Cooked Mushrooms > Tofu > Seafood > Turkey > Bacon > Vegetarian > Other Pork > Chicken.  All menus are scanned for in this order, with variance based on previous meals and price.