Da Ba Dee Da Ba Dai

I thought long and hard about what would be my first post. I realize that in order to understand me better, I should explain my outlook in easily digestible bits. It would be far too complicated to explain my existential concept of water without lots of tangents and other background information. The most basic and well-known element is my natal star chart.

I really do learn from astrology, but only because I actually did my own observations. I watch other people, and I reflect on myself. As far as general concepts go, I interact with people with amazing success when I know their signs. I see trends in my own life that parallel with my signs. OBVIOUSLY, astrology’s not an all-inclusive manual on every person–that’s naïve. And I don’t really read predictive horoscopes I don’t cast myself. Of course, I can’t cast my own yet, so I don’t worry about it.

I am referencing a few main books and Web sites for this venture:

  • Astrodienst is an amazing Web resource for many articles and lessons.  I haven’t gone through most of it yet.  What I find most valuable here is the free natal charting they offer.  It’s where I got mine from.  You should try to find your birth time to get a more personal chart.  Mrs. Martine Woolfolk’s book teaches you to create and interpret your charts, but I like to “check my work,” and this is a great tool.
  • Indian Astrology, by Komilla Sutton is an introductory book into the world of Jyotish, or Vedic Astrology.  I use it as a primer, to familiarize myself with the concepts that will be found in more in-depth books.  Ms. Sutton’s Web site links to an online store she prefers, but the store may not carry it anymore.  In any event, I prefer to go to locally-owned bookstores whenever possible.
On a related note:  Today is the first day of Aries 2011.  I thought it would be appropriate to start my blog today, the first day of Spring, because of the significance of initiation and newness.